The Certified Project Manager speaks to the team and clients

Every project has a Certified Project Manager. These professionals have many responsibilities. From planning to handing over the project.

The certified Project Manager assumes a great deal of responsibility as he is the lead person among all stakeholders.

In the article, I present a sample presentation of a certified project manager to his team and clients.

The certified Project Manager presents himself to the client

My name is Carolyn James and I will be the project manager who will lead your project. I received my certificate from the certification organization BVOP.

The main responsibilities that I will take on within the project are related to:

  • Exchange of timely information to all stakeholders
  • Synchronization of the efforts of the teams that will implement the project with your expectations
  • Ensuring adherence to pre-set frameworks
  • Monitoring project progress and meeting agreed-on deadlines

I will be your main point of contact – feel free to address any topics, questions, and suggestions to me. If you need my immediate assistance, you can also contact me on Viber.

Your project is my highest priority right now. I have already familiarized myself with the preliminary assignment in detail and look forward to discussing it in person. I suggest that we schedule a meeting for tomorrow to share with me all the additional project parameters, namely:

What are the main priority activities that we need to focus on
Do you have additional requirements for us to accommodate?
Who will be the project participants from your side and how to keep in touch with them
Who to contact to secure access to the systems that
will support the implementation of the project
Which of your partners could also contribute to the project
It would be great to agree on the regularity of the meetings as well as the documentation to maintain throughout the process.
During the meeting, I will introduce you to the team members who will be directly involved in communication with you.
I am confident that we will work together in the shortest possible time and we will rely on each other in the implementation of the project. This would help us to make progress quickly and move together towards the common goal.
I will expect you to tell me when would be the most convenient time for you to have our first meeting.

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The certified Project Manager speaks to his team

My name is Carolyn and I am the new Certified Project Manager at the company. In my personal life, I meditate regularly, exercise, and enjoy delicious food. I love books, extreme experiences, and climbing mountains.

My professional path began in the field of customer service and continued in a technical direction, but at some point, I realized that what motivates me is working with people and synchronizing their efforts for the sake of a common goal.

I am aware of the challenges you have faced so far. I will share with you what my vision is for the way of working on the project that we are about to start. If you have comments and suggestions, I will be at your disposal to discuss them.

A meeting is scheduled with the client, where we will find out what his main requirements and expectations are, as well as set ours.

After this meeting, I will present to you in great detail the time frame we will all adhere to for each activity on the project. For any difficulty that arises, if you cannot find a solution within the team within a reasonable time, come to me – we will find a solution together.

Strict adherence to deadlines must go hand in hand with the high quality that the client expects from us. Our aspiration is also to fit into the preset resources.

I have already scheduled a regular meeting with SG to update him on our progress on the project – of course, if I receive any further recommendations or details from him regarding the client’s requirements, I will share them with you in due course.

The same goes for regular meetings with the client – ​​once we’ve found an approach that works for them, we’ll keep in touch to make sure we’re working in the right direction.

Anytime you notice something could be going better, I trust you to come to me and we’ll discuss it. You can count on me for the same. For the ultimate success of the project, it is important that each of us is focused on our activities and that we maintain constant communication with each other.
Every Monday morning we will have a 15-minute meeting to exchange information on the progress of the project. This meeting does not preclude the holding of additional meetings if necessary.

Once a month we will hold a personal 30-minute meeting with each of you, in which we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, to share your impressions of our joint work and what you need.

I am very excited about the opportunity to work together. I am confident that through understanding and mutual assistance, we will work together quickly and feel satisfaction from our work together.
Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me?

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